Polish Women’s Global Network is a non-profit association registered in Poland and established on the
initiative of professionally active Polish women, residing in Poland and abroad, mainly in the USA, in response to:

- the need and necessity to build and use networking relationships in order to consolidate a good image of Poland in the world and enhance Poland’s competitive development,

- the need for practical exchange of knowledge, information, experience and good practices and for establishing professional contacts,

- the need to disseminate knowledge about the contributions of Polish minorities and Poles to the development of the countries in which they reside.

Goals and rules of the Association are regulated by its statute. Direct or ordinary members of the PWGN may be women, Poles or foreigners, regardless of their place of residence, who are professionally active in business, science, culture and politics.

Supporting members may be any persons or organisations, national and international. 

Honorary members may be persons with particular merits for the PWGN.

Organisations may obtain the status of a Partnership Organisation of the PWGN Association if they accept the PWGN’s statutory goals and are registered under their local laws.

The PWGN and its associated and partner organisations create an international network of cooperation and relationships across various countries, communities and competence profiles of both Poles and people who respect and like our country because of their business, scientific or family relations, their studies in Poland, etc.


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