13 grudnia 2012
MARIA JANION awarded the French National Order of Meritmore »Prof. Maria Janion, the great lady of European culture and undisputed intellectual authority, which had a huge impact on the history of literature and ideas, on 11 December 2012. received at the hands (...)
6 stycznia 2013
Polish vodka appreciated in the U.S.more »Polish vodka exports rising to U.S.
5 grudnia 2012
Page 10more »
27 listopada 2012
Polish interactive map of the worldmore »Poland http://placeknow.com/ an interactive map of the world Honored in Washington
25 listopada 2012
The success of the Poles at the World Exhibition \"BRUSSELS INNOVA 2012\".more »GRAND PRIX and 112 medals, including 16 gold medals with distinction from the jury received the Polish exhibitors at the World Exhibition "BRUSSELS INNOVA 2012".
13 grudnia 2012
WORLD OLDEST cottage cheese PRODUCED IN POLANDmore »In the prestigious journal "Nature" was released publication by scientists British, American and Polish on the discovery of the blood found on Kujawy, cheese production traces from more than 7 thousand. (...)
19 września 2012
Declarationmore »Declaration adopted at the round table on "Improving a Country`s Position Through Entrepreneurship of Women", at the Congress of Women, 14-15 September 2012, Warsaw.
25 listopada 2012
The largest manufacturer of household appliances in Europe.more »Poland's largest manufacturer of household appliances in Europe
20 września 2012
TT Warsawmore »TT Warsaw 2012

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