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           The goal of the Polish Women`s Global Network is to:

  1. Create and build a good image of Poland in the world by promoting the activities and achievements of Polish women in the economy, science, culture and politics, in Poland and in the world.
  2. Exchange information, know-how and good practices and establish international and inter-community professional
  3. Contribute to the growth of the awareness and recognition of Poland in the world by the activities of the people and
    organisations associated in the Polish Women`s Global  Network Association.
  4. Support professional and personal development of the Polish women in Poland and abroad who bring in a significant contribution to creating the image of Poland in the world by their activities in the economy, science, culture and politics in Poland and in other countries of the world.

          The goals are achieved in particular through:

  1. Creation of an internet platform integrating Polish women in Poland and abroad who by their activities and
    professionalism contribute significantly to building the image and perception of Poland as a modern, competitive and attractive country with a strong national identity and initiating international contacts and
  2. Initiating, conducting and participating in promotional, informational and research projects concerning the economy,science, culture, society and democracy, and especially international promotion of the developments in these areas achieved in Poland.
  3. Activities for promotion of positive examples of the achievements and contributions made by Poles to the economic,
    scientific, cultural and political development of the countries they live in.
  4. Activities for promotion of Polish products in the world as carriers of national identity.
  5. Activities for development of tourism, including inbound tourism to Poland, and international promotion of Poland as a
    country attractive for tourists.
  6. Organisation of national and international meetings, seminars and conferences in the areas of professional activity
    of Polish women in order to establish cooperation and exchange know-how and good practices.
  7. Organisation of cultural and artistic events in Poland and abroad promoting Polish culture and art.
  8. Organisation of fairs, exhibitions and trade missions in Poland and abroad.
  9. Publishing and journalism.
  10. Inspiring and supporting international cooperation in order to create supra-regional networks and clusters and
    enhance cooperation between science and business sectors for growth of competitiveness and innovativeness of the Polish economy.
  11. Cooperation with national and foreign organisations and their networks in order to pursue the goals of the
    Association, including participation in projects of other organisations and networks in Poland and abroad.
  12. Cooperation with the authorities and governmental and self-governmental institutions in order to pursue the goals of the Association.
  13. Membership in national and foreign organisations with statutory goals similar to those of the Association.

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